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Chris Hackett, senior director of personal lines policy at the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, says that there is a major correlation between claims that have been made and the likelihood of future claims. It is no surprise, therefore, that insurance providers will keep an eye on your claims history for determining your home insurance rates.

A negative history of filed claims does impact your home insurance rates. Nonetheless just because you have an unfavorable claims history, it does not mean you are doomed to higher prices or a null agreement. You can shop around to find out the cheapest companies ranked state wise for customers who have filed claims in recent history.

CSAA offers the cheapest premium at $1,126 in the state of Montana. In Texas, it is the American Strategic Insurance Corporation, at $1,233.  At $1,390, Gulfstream P&C Insurance Company offers the cheapest premium in the state of Louisiana. The tables below compare the 10 cheapest providers in each of these three states for applicants with a negative history of files claimed.


MontanaCSAA Fire & Casualty Ins. Co.$1,126
MontanaUSAA Casualty Insurance Company$1,251
MontanaUnited Services Auto Association$1,286
MontanaSafeco insurance company$1,393
Montanaallstate vehicle and property insurance company$1,401
MontanaUSAA General Indemnity Company,$1,404
Montanagarrison property and casualty insurance company$1,446
MontanaTravelers Home & Marine Ins. Co.$1,461
MontanaDepositors Insurance Co.(Nationwide)$1,500
MontanaMountain West Farm Bureau Ins. Co.$1,796


TexasAmerican Strategic Insurance Corporation$1,233
TexasAllied Property and Casualty Insurance Company$1,352
TexasTrumbull Insurance Company$1,394
TexasTwin City Fire Insurance Company$1,463
TexasTexas Farm Bureau Insurance Company$1,507
TexasConsolidated Lloyds$1,640
TexasTexas Windstorm Insurance Association$1,642
TexasUnited Property & Casualty Insurance Company$1,665
TexasNational Specialty Insurance Company$1,671
TexasNationwide General Insurance Company$1,679


LouisianaGulfstream P&C Insurance Company$1,390
LouisianaPharmacists Mutual Insurance Company$1,408
LouisianaAnchor Specialty Insurance Company$1,604
LouisianaMaison Insurance Company$1,618
LouisianaFamily Security Insurance Company$1,726
LouisianaArmed Forces Insurance$1,726
LouisianaAmericas Insurance Company$1,818
LouisianaCoastal Select Insurance Company$1,863
LouisianaLighthouse property ins. Corp. (beacon)$1,887
LouisianaBankers Specialty Insurance co.$2,043

There are two types of claims history that providers look into – claims made on the property, and the consumer’s personal history of filed claims. This means that if you are moving into a new home, the claims made by the previous homeowner also has an impact on the insurance price of the property, as that would be a part of the claims that have been made on the property.

At times, some providers may take advantage of a loophole in the existing laws. Even if a consumer consults with his/her provider regarding a potential claim and later pays out of their own pocket, without having obtained money from their provider, some providers still consider that to be a claim filed. Only with the exception of a few states like – Oregon and Texas, in all other states, there is no law prohibiting insurers from going ahead with this practice.

One solution to tackle a problem like this is to ask for a CLUE report. CLUE stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange and is owned by Lexis Nexis. It records claims filed by the homeowner in the last 7 years, including for the damages that were closed later on, with the owner having not obtained compensation from the provider. The Fair Credit Reporting Act grants you the right to ask for a CLUE report if you are denied insurance by your provider. In any case, it is a good idea to ask for CLUE report when you are buying a property.

The only catch is that only the homeowner reserves the right to demand a CLUE report. However, if you are not the owner, and you are looking to purchase the property, you can always ask the previous owner to provide you with a copy of the report.

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