By: Hemanth Ramesh January, 07, 2019


Smartwatches have becomes one of the most intimate and personal wearable technology that an individual can use in present times. These devices can track a user’s health and lifestyle in more ways than the individual otherwise could. They are also capable of making bank transactions, taking photos, recording audio, and even measuring a person’s heart rate.

Therefore, the privacy and safety of the data shared can be extremely important from an individual’s perspective. Gavop analyzed Fossil’s privacy policy to make a comprehensive list of information collected by the company from customers using their smartwatches and  app. The data collected by the company can be categorized into 5 sections.

  • For service provisions
  • General account data
  • Activity and sleep data
  • Location information
  • Data collected by watch apps.

Fossil can share information under these categories with governments and third party entities for various scenarios including

  • Complying with relevant laws
  • Lawful requests
  • Court orders
  • Legal processes
  • National Security and Law enforcement requirements
  • To protect and defend the rights of the company and third parties
  • In an emergency situation (to protect the safety of employees or an individual)
  • Personal data may be transferred if the company is bought by a third party
  • Data sharing with third-party companies for the provision of services.


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Hemanth Ramesh

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