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By: Shravya Reddy October, 08, 2019

The average rate of car insurance in Durham, North Carolina, is $989 annually. According to the US Census Bureau, Durham has a population of 316,739, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in North Carolina. To create safer roads for drivers in Durham, residents can enroll in Durham's Pace Car Program, to help raise awareness around travel speed in the community. Zimlon found the average car insurance premium in Durham can vary from a low of $713 to a high of $1353 per annum depending on (not limited to) age, gender, marital status, driver history, and car model. In Durham, married men pay $426 more than married women. By comparing quotes and reviews, Durham drivers can save $400 in annual car insurance rates.


In particular, age plays a significant role in determining car insurance premium values. According to a report by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, in 2017, the number of crashes involving teens increased by 3.3% over 2016. Moreover, crashes involving teens who were speeding also increased by 3.9%. Durham's population comprises 7% of teenagers with 48% of male and 52% female teenagers. Teenagers in Durham pay $2571 in car insurance and based on whether the driver is male or female, the prices further vary by $366. Insurance companies view young drivers as more expensive to insure primarily because of lack of driving inexperience and in comparison have higher accident rates than seasoned drivers. However, some insurers offer good student discounts and safe driving courses to young drivers that could lower car insurance rates.

Recently there has been a rise in the number of impaired drivers charged in Durham. In the 2018 Festive RIDE campaign, the Durham Regional Police Service arrested 117 motorists for drinking and driving, which is five more than the 2017 initiative. Car insurance after a DUI can be expensive. Higher claims result in increased premiums and mainly as a result of distracted and negligent driving. In Durham, the median post-DUI insurance is $1839, lower than New Light, NC, whose post-DUI insurance rate is $2715. Home to Duke University, the North Carolina DMV reported 1,573 teen automobile crashes in Durham. The post-DUI cost for a male teenager in Durham is $5222, $680 more than the post-DUI rates for female teenagers in the city. For example, in Durham, a male teenager post-DUI driving a 2006 Mazda would pay $4927 on auto insurance while a female teenager post-DUI would pay $4285.

In Durham, seniors make up 13% of the population, with 41% of them being senior men and 59% of senior women. Although the price difference between male and female seniors is quite low, at $20, Durham seniors pay $117 more than the state average of North Carolina. Seniors in Bartons Creek, NC, spend $563 more than Durham senior citizens.


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