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By: Ajay kumar Medagani June, 17, 2019

The state of California is endowed with a variety of geographical features—mountains, fertile plains, deserts and extended coastlines. While they add to the state’s scenic beauty, they are also associated with many natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, floods, and mudslides, including some of the most disastrous ones in recent years. A standard insurance policy in the state mostly provides coverage for fire-related damages, and insurance buyers have to buy additional coverage for other natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

California has a higher frequency of earthquakes than any other state. In fact, 8 of the 10 most expensive earthquakes in the history of the United States have occurred here. According to FEMA – the Federal Emergency Management Agency – every year, earthquakes cause about $3.72 million in damages in California.

Gavop calculated the average annual cost of coverage only for earthquake-related damages from an annual home insurance coverage of $500,000. The image shows the city-wise ranking of places with the highest expenditure for earthquake coverage.


CityAverage Annual Cost for $500,000 of Coverage for Homeowners
Baldwin Park$2176
Anaheim - Brookhurst Center$1945
Anaheim - Federal$1903

CEA or the California Earthquake Authority is one of the largest providers of residential earthquake insurance, with a strong market presence in California. Residents can purchase insurance from CEA via its member insurance companies, which include Farmers Insurance, Foremost, Allstate, Allied Insurance, and AAA among others.

CEA offers two types of policies – Homeowners Choice and Standard Homeowners. Coverages included in each type are represented in the image below.


The coverage limit for CEA earthquake insurance is the same as in your homeowner’s insurance policy. The deductible rate is usually 10-15% of your coverage. The personal property coverage limit is about $5,000, which can be increased up to $100,000 at extra cost.


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