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By: Shravya Reddy October, 07, 2019

Home to Yale University, New Haven drivers pay an average rate of $2130 per annum on car insurance payments. Based on factors (not limited to) such as age, gender, driving history, zip code, coverage type, and car model, Gavop's analysis found drivers in New Haven pay as high as $4360 and as low as $1410 annually on car insurance. The US Census Bureau reported the city to have a population of 130,418 with an average travel time to work of 22.9 minutes. With a large population size and long commute time, it is more likely that drivers in New Haven can end up in a wreck. For insurers, a high number of claims results in increased car premiums. There are several ways drivers in New Haven can save on car insurance costs. Gavop researchers found that by increasing deductibles, bundling insurance, adding anti-theft devices, opting for roadside assistance, and by comparing rates, New Haven drivers can lower car insurance by $850.

Location plays a considerable role when it comes to the cost of insurance. For example, in New Haven, an 18-year-old teenager, driving a 2013 Ford Fusion, residing in Howe, paying a car insurance premium of $5140 would have a savings of $430, in comparison, a 17-year-old female teenager on Skyview Ln, driving a 2010 Mazda 6 with a car insurance cost of $5038, would save $909 on similar insurance coverage. Similarly, a 74-year-old male senior driving a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country Touring, living on Beers St, would have a savings of $529 on an insurance premium of $2847. Contrast this with a 73-year-old senior from Sherman Ct, driving a 2006 Nissan 350Z, would save $400 against a yearly insurance rate of $2633.

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Likewise, the age of the driver can have a considerable impact on price. In New Haven, 8% of the population is made up of teenagers. Gavop's analysis found that New Haven teenagers pay $5367 in insurance, $504 less than drivers in Woodbridge, CT. Depending on the gender of the driver, there is an additional difference of $1107. For example, in New Haven, a male teenager driving a 2013 Hyundai Tucson would pay $6095 in car insurance while a female teenager driving a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan would pay $5090.

Generally, insurance companies view teenagers as high risk in comparison to other age segments primarily because of their lack of driving experience and propensity for accidents. Moreover, post-DUI rates in New Haven can cost a driver $3961, whereas that value goes up to $11448 for a male teenager. For instance, in New Haven, a male teenager driving a 2002 Toyota 4Runner would pay $11169 on car insurance post-DUI, while a female teenager would pay $9158 for the same. New Haven has a 13% senior citizen population, out of which 40% are senior men and 60% are senior women. Senior men pay $127 more than senior women in New Haven.


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