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By: Ramu Garuda  August, 30, 2019

Residents of San Diego, California, pay an estimated homeowner’s insurance premium of $620 per annum, which is much lower than the national average of $1228. This is due to multiple factors such as a lower crime rate, better response times from the fire departments and low risks of natural disasters in San Diego. While living in the city has its benefits, San Diego homeowners can make their insurance rates even cheaper by following some tips.

One way is to ensure that the property is built using fire-resistive construction material. San Diego homeowners with brick veneer constructions get a 2% discount on their homeowner's insurance. Those with homes are masonry constructions get a discount of about 10%. The maximum discount—of up to 17%— is for homeowners whose homes are constructed using superior fire-resistive material.

San Diego homeowners who have never filed an insurance claim are also eligible for discounts as insurance companies view them as safe investments. Such homeowners are given a discount of up to $90. On the other hand, homeowners who have a history of 1 claim might have to pay an additional $45 on their insurance, and those who have filed 2 claims may have to pay an additional $71 on their homeowner's insurance.

Seniors in San Diego get a discount of about $84 on their homeowner’s insurance premiums. Installing better safety features in their homes can also lower homeowners’ insurance premiums in San Diego. For instance, installing deadbolt locks can get homeowners a discount up to $39, and equipping the property with fire extinguishers can lower insurance rates by $90.

Functioning smoke detectors can earn homeowners a discount of up to $45. Sprinkler systems can ensure an additional discount of $116. A discount of up to $78 can be availed for installing fire alarms. Protecting with property with a burglar alarm system can get homeowners a discount of up to $39. A lightning protection system can also earn San Diego homeowners a nominal discount of $19.

Multi-insurance bundling under one company can also help San Diego homeowners lower their insurance costs. Those who bundle their home and auto insurance policies together can get a discount of up to 12%. Bundling homeowners’ insurance with a life insurance policy can get San Diego homeowners a discount of 14%. Finally, bundling all three insurance policies—homeowners, auto, and life—can help homeowners get a discount of up to 22%.



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