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By: Shravya Reddy October, 04, 2019

Bridgeport is the largest city in Connecticut with an estimated population size of 144,900 as of 2019. The average cost of car insurance in Bridgeport is $1916, higher than the state median in Connecticut at $1700. There are many factors on which car insurance rates are predicated. Notably, age, gender, marital status, driver history, zip code, and make and model of the car. Analyzing the state's market share data, Zimlon lists the top five car insurance companies in Bridgeport. Although the cost of car insurance is higher than the national average, by comparing quotes and reviews, Bridgeport drivers can save as much as $770 per annum.


GEICO- The country's second-largest car insurance company, GEICO, has the largest market share of 18.9% in Connecticut. The Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary offers an impressive range of coverage options and discounts in Bridgeport. The company has registered 372,504 direct premiums written, and 364,323 direct premiums earned. GEICO has a wide array of online applications and services to help Bridgeport drivers to do everything online from paying bills to accessing insurance records. A popular choice for online car insurance customers, GEICO also has an A.M. Best rating of A++.

Progressive- With a nationwide reputation for affordable car insurance rates, Progressive takes the second spot with a market share of 11.6%. The company recorded 229,041 direct premiums written and 220,273 direct premiums earned. Bridgeport residents can avail further discounts using Progressive's "name-your-price" service to compare policies online. A.M. Best awarded them with a rating of A+.

Allstate- With a market share of 9.1% in Connecticut, Allstate is known for its outstanding claims processing services. The company has written 177,983 direct premiums and 177,951 direct premiums earned. Bridgeport drivers can benefit from using Allstate's "Claim Satisfaction Guarantee" to get the best coverage money can buy. Along with positive customer service feedback, the company has an A.M. Best rating of A+ for financial strength in the market.

Liberty Mutual- Offering lower than average car insurance rates to Bridgeport drivers, Liberty Mutual has a market share of 8.9%. The company ranks high on customer service and claims satisfaction. Liberty Mutual has 176,359 direct premiums written and 179,726 direct premiums earned in Connecticut. Solidifying their standing as a top-rated insurer, Liberty Mutual also has an A.M. Best financial strength rating of A.

State Farm- Best known for its ridesharing insurance solutions in 42 states, State Farm rounds up this list with a market share of 6.9% in the state. Being the nation's largest auto insurer, State Farm has 136,798 direct premiums written and 134,843 direct premiums earned in Connecticut. Using State Farm's mobile app, drivers in Bridgeport can access 24/7 support center and file claims without much hassle. A.M. Best awarded State Farm with the highest rating of A++ for financial strength.


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