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By: Shravya Reddy October, 09, 2019

Virginia Beach drivers pay an average of $1099 in car insurance rates per year. The most populous city in the state of Virginia, Virginia Beach has a population of 450,189. In research done by Gavop, Virginia Beach drivers can save $440 per annum by comparing car insurance quotes and reviews. Although not as expensive as the state average of $1323, Virginia Beach drivers can pay as high as $1736. Based on various factors including but not limited to, age, gender, driving history, zip code, marital status, and car model, insurers determine the cost of car insurance.

In Virginia Beach, insurers deem the number of miles driven as equally important to the factors listed above while calculating insurance rates. The make and model of the car, safety features, theft rate, and repair cost also play a vital role. A BMW driver is expected to shell out more in car insurance premiums than say a Jeep because of the huge sticker tag. Along with that, high-end cars are deemed to have a higher cost of repair and damage susceptibility than the other cheaper auto segments. Using data collected for Virginia, a Jeep Compass driver would pay $1100 in average car insurance annually while a BMW 650i driver would pay $2400. Convertibles like the BMW 650i tend to cost more to insure because they are prone to theft and vandalism as compared to a regular sedan.

A recent survey shows 6% of the total population in Virginia Beach comprises teenagers, amongst which 52% are male and 48% female. Virginia Beach teenagers pay $3626 in car insurance, $736 lower than the state average. Although, at $769, the cost difference between male and female teenage drivers is quite steep. For example, a male teenager driving a 2013 Nissan Rogue would have a car insurance payment of $3770, whereas a female teenager driving a 2013 Hyundai Sonata would pay $3117 for similar coverage. The Department of Motor Vehicle’s Highway Safety Office found a spike in teen drivers and alcohol-related crash deaths in Virginia. With median insurance of $2044 in Virginia Beach, post-DUI rates are considerably expensive for teenagers. In Virginia Beach, a male teenager post-DUI with a 2006 Mazda 3 would pay $6895 in insurance while a female teenager post-DUI would pay $5591.


Most insurers today offer discounts and incentives for safe drivers and drivers that reflect responsible choices. The other ways of saving on premiums are by availing discounts offered on multiple vehicles. While 31% of Virginia Beach residents own a single vehicle, 44% own two vehicles, and 16% own three. For drivers looking to insure three cars in Virginia Beach, it would cost $3188, whereas it would cost $2089 for insuring two cars and $4287 for four vehicles. Likewise, Virginia Beach car insurance rates vary by the deductible value. Drivers paying a high deductible tend to have lower insurance rates.


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