How Can I Make My Winterville, NC Home Insurance Cheaper

Gavop's guide to buying homeowners insurance in Winterville, NC covers how to get the right coverage, optimize deductibles, identify the best agents, understand claim requirements, avail discount options, compare cheap quotes and research reviews.

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Select the Suitable Coverage Value for your Winterville, NC Home | Back to Top

Bedrooms Average Home Value Estimated Replacement Value Recommended Home Insurance Coverage
1 Bedroom $57,500 $50,000 $50,000-$75,000
2 Bedroom $129,500 $120,000 $100,000-$125,000
3 Bedroom $206,500 $170,000 $200,000-$250,000
4 Bedroom $228,500 $200,000 $200,000-$250,000
5 Bedroom $375,500 $340,000 $350,000-$400,000

Estimate your Savings with Home Insurance Discounts in Winterville, NC | Back to Top

Type Discount ($) Premium After Discount ($)
Multipolicy Discount -$124 $765
Superior Protection Discount -$80 $809
Fire & Security Discount -$98 $791
Hail Resistant Roof Discount -$18 $871
Newly Constructed Home Discount -$231 $658

Choose your Winterville, NC Home Insurance Coverage for your Specific Claim Requirement | Back to Top

Claim Type Average Claim Cost
General Claims
Water Damage $6,156
Physical Damage $2,537
Hail Damage $4,571
Wind Damage $6,242
Expensive Claims
Fire $46,910
Smoke $16,553

Identify Top Home Insurance Agents near Winterville, NC | Back to Top

Home Insurance Company Winterville, NC Homeowners Insurance Agency Winterville, NC Address Popularity Score Distance from Winterville (miles)
State Farm Chris Godley 1860 W Arlington Blvd, Greenville, NC, 27834-5704
Allstate Melvin Mitchell 3501 Sunset Ave, Rocky Mount, NC, 27804
Erie Dean Williams Insurance Agency 311 North Spence Avenue, Goldsboro, NC, 27530
Travelers Middlesex Insurance Agency Inc 10210 S Nash Street, Middlesex, NC, 27557
State Farm Wil Hardy 809b Hardee Rd, Kinston, NC, 28504-3320
Travelers Blackman Insurance Agency Inc 3520c Airport Boulevard, Wilson, NC, 27896
Allstate Phil Edmundson 2702 Forest Hills Rd Sw, Wilson, NC, 27893
Allstate Cindy Challender 2115a Se Greenville Blvd, Greenville, NC, 27858
Erie Insurance Center 11327 E Finch Avenue, Middlesex, NC, 27557
Liberty Mutual Independent W A Moore & Company 510 Plaza Blvd, Kinston, NC, 28501

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Place Typical Home Value Typical Home Insurance Costs 25th Percentile 75th Percentile Potential Savings & Difference between 25th & 75th Percentile
North Carolina $161,000 $894 $620 $1,280 $660
Pitt County, NC $138,700 $781 $560 $1,100 $540
Winterville, NC $169,900 $889 $650 $1,260 $610
Washington Park, NC $244,300 $1,159 $820 $1,610 $790
Long Acre, NC $159,600 $746 $510 $1,040 $530
Coopers, NC $177,600 $953 $690 $1,360 $670
James City, NC $150,300 $716 $510 $1,020 $510
Fork, NC $134,000 $659 $450 $910 $460
Smith, NC $123,600 $739 $520 $1,010 $490
Bayboro, NC $70,900 $458 $310 $650 $340
Momeyer, NC $76,300 $491 $330 $700 $370
Faison, NC $75,300 $485 $350 $660 $310

Research Home Insurance Companies Reviews in Winterville, NC Before Buying | Back to Top

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Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

Date: October 12, 2019    Age: 50 to 59    Gender: Female    Marital Status: Married

I chose Liberty Mutual because they offered the smallest in both of these, the premium and the deductible. That is probably why most people choose the insurance they do, just based on the price really.

Date: September 12, 2019    Age: 40 to 49    Gender: Male    Marital Status: Married

I am pleased with the deductible and policies that are offered by this carrier. I think they are competitive with other carriers.

Erie Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Date: December 23, 2019    Age: 50 to 59    Gender: Female    Marital Status: Married

Customer Service
My home insurance is escrowed into my mortgage payment. I have never filed a claim. I have owned this home for 7 years. I always deal with the same person at the company for my insurance needs, and I'd give her a 5.

Date: September 19, 2019    Age: 50 to 59    Gender: Female    Marital Status: Unmarried

Customer Service
While I have never had any claims, I feel confident that it something were to happen, Erie would be responsive. Their rates are very competitive as I have shopped home insurance around several times.

Progressive Home Insurance Reviews

Date: October 05, 2019    Age: 30 to 39    Gender: Male    Marital Status: Married

The premium is not that expensive for the quote that I got. The deductible is not too bad. I tried to go for the cheaper quotes.

Date: September 14, 2019    Age: 20 to 29    Gender: Male    Marital Status: Unmarried

Policy Offerings
To be completely honest I don't have enough experience with insurance company's other than with Progressive, I have always used them.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

Date: June 04, 2019    Age: 30 to 39    Gender: Unmarried    Marital Status: Male

We are very satisfied with our premium. We saved about $500 per year by switching to State Farm with comparable coverage.

GEICO Home Insurance Reviews

Date: January 04, 2020    Age: 30 to 39    Gender: Male    Marital Status: Married

Customer Service
I have had an "okay" experience with my home insurance company's customer service. I have only had to contact customer service once but they did not respond quickly and when they did respond.

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