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Gavop shows you how to buy homeowners insurance in Watauga, TX by estimating coverage, choosing the right deductible, contacting the best agents, understanding claim requirements, comparing cheap rates, using discount options and reading reviews.

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Estimate Appropriate Watauga, TX Home Insurance Coverage Levels | Back to Top

Watauga, TX - Neighbourhoods, Census Blocks & Streets 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom
Average Home Value Estimated Replacement Value Recommended Home Insurance Coverage Average Home Value Estimated Replacement Value Recommended Home Insurance Coverage
Bonanza Dr, Shadydale Ct, Ridgewood Trl, Goodnight Dr, Skylark Ln, Iris Dr, Blackmon Ct, Elk Ridge Dr, Glacier Ct, Paint Pony Ln $92,500 $80,000 $75,000-$100,000 $191,000 $180,000 $150,000-$175,000
McCoy Dr, Ashton Ave, Poppy Dr E, Maurie Ct, Fossil Hill Apartment, Browning Blvd, Patino Ct, Shady Ln S, Willow View Dr, Old Mill Dr $130,500 $100,000 $125,000-$150,000 $159,500 $140,000 $175,000-$200,000
Fairview Way, Meadow Oak Ct, Blackjack Trl, Fossil Vista Dr, Memory Ln, Brookdale Ct, Charrington Dr, Hunters Glen Dr, Cedar View Trl, Scott Ct $218,000 $180,000 $175,000-$200,000 $223,000 $200,000 $175,000-$200,000
Windwillow Dr, Greenfield Ct, Dunson Ct, China Rose Dr, Fawn Ct, Echo Hill Dr, Carlisle Ct, Overcup Ln, Nola Ct, Lake Chelen Dr $127,500 $110,000 $125,000-$150,000 $155,000 $140,000 $175,000-$200,000
Pear Tree Ln, Carousel Dr, Dillon Cir, Avalon Dr, Muirwood Trl, Champlain Dr, Stallion Dr, Ross Lake Dr, Oakmont Ln, Douglas Dr $171,000 $140,000 $150,000-$175,000 $156,000 $130,000 $150,000-$175,000

Estimate your Savings with Home Insurance Discounts in Watauga, TX | Back to Top

Type Discount ($) Premium After Discount ($)
Multipolicy Discount -$189 $804
Superior Protection Discount -$89 $903
Fire & Security Discount -$79 $913
Hail Resistant Roof Discount -$30 $963
Newly Constructed Home Discount -$258 $735

Choose your Watauga, TX Home Insurance Coverage for your Specific Claim Requirement | Back to Top

Claim Type Average Claim Cost
General Claims
Water Damage $6,276
Physical Damage $2,295
Hail Damage $4,524
Wind Damage $6,051
Expensive Claims
Fire $46,463
Smoke $17,389

Identify Top Home Insurance Agents near Watauga, TX | Back to Top

Home Insurance Company Watauga, TX Homeowners Insurance Agency Watauga, TX Address Popularity Score Distance from Watauga (miles)
Allstate Randy Jones 1010 W Euless Blvd Ste 111, Euless, TX, 76040
Allstate Mark Jameson 4814 Colleyville Blvd # 120, Colleyville, TX, 76034
State Farm Jenny Weidner 606 W Mcdermott Dr Ste A, Allen, TX, 75013-2704
Farmers Christopher Fisher 1320 Greenway Dr Ste 755, Irving, TX, 75038
Farmers Ana Ibarra 1901 Central Dr Ste 102, Bedford, TX, 76021
Allstate Maria Golseth 2128 Parkwood Dr, Bedford, TX, 76021
Liberty Mutual Independent Abs Insurance Services 309 E Ovilla Rd Ste 2100, Red Oak, TX, 75154
State Farm Ron Morgan 2101 E Highway 114 Ste B, Trophy Club, TX, 76262-7002
Farmers Jim Barrett 8090 Precinct Line Rd Ste 101, Colleyville, TX, 76034
State Farm Kristie Polk 2132 L Don Dodson Dr Suite 100, Bedford, TX, 76021-7531

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Place Typical Home Value Typical Home Insurance Costs 25th Percentile 75th Percentile Potential Savings & Difference between 25th & 75th Percentile
Texas $151,500 $1,709 $1,130 $2,630 $1,500
Tarrant County, TX $158,200 $1,400 $920 $2,160 $1,240
Watauga, TX $115,700 $993 $660 $1,530 $870
Keller, TX $334,000 $1,486 $980 $2,290 $1,310
Bartonville, TX $585,000 $927 $610 $1,430 $820
Hickory Creek, TX $224,600 $1,889 $1,250 $2,910 $1,660
Boyd-Rhome, TX $132,800 $1,649 $1,090 $2,540 $1,450
Shady Shores, TX $288,000 $2,042 $1,350 $3,140 $1,790
Springtown, TX $129,400 $1,637 $1,080 $2,520 $1,440
Hackberry, TX $195,300 $1,823 $1,200 $2,810 $1,610
Dallas, TX $154,000 $1,391 $920 $2,140 $1,220
Garland, TX $132,600 $1,484 $980 $2,290 $1,310
South Rockwall, TX $274,000 $1,403 $930 $2,160 $1,230

Research Home Insurance Companies Reviews in Watauga, TX Before Buying | Back to Top

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Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

Date: January 18, 2019    Age: 40 to 49    Gender: Male    Marital Status: Married

I think my payments are a little above average because they provide real coverage for negative real life situations like natural disasters and fires. My deductible is $1000 but my premium is above the New Mexico average. I pay $147 a month due to the area that I live in. It is harder to get anything in to mountainous regions of an area.

Date: November 11, 2018    Age: 20 to 29    Gender: Female    Marital Status: Unmarried

Policy Offerings
It covers the home, sewage backup, other structures such as sheds and fences, contents at replacement value and windstorm damage.

GEICO Home Insurance Reviews

Date: March 02, 2019    Age: 40 to 49    Gender: Male    Marital Status: Married

Customer Service
I only had to call them two times, but the two times I've called them they were very prompt and very helpful. They understood my coverages well and what that meant to me.

Date: December 02, 2018    Age: 40 to 49    Gender: Female    Marital Status: Unmarried

The premium I pay is reasonable (but all premiums feel high when you have to pay them). It was on par with other insurers and the time I selected the company. I am not happy that my hurricane deductible is higher than my regular deductible. But, I understand why that is.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

Date: December 29, 2018    Age: 40 to 49    Gender: Female    Marital Status: Unmarried

Customer Service
My experience with shelterinsurance is somewhat positive and a negative. But I still like their insurance agents are always in office to answer any questions I or my family have or concens. And take time to go over policies or filing a claim to explain the process. But don't like their high premiums..