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By: Gokul Menon October, 29, 2019


Stockton, located in the central valley of California, has a population of 311,178 and an average car insurance rate of $1,631. Car insurance rates in Stockton range between $1,094 and $2,629. However, car owners can save up to $650 by comparing quotes and reviews on Gavop. This average is lower than the state average of $1,800.

The primary factors that determine the cost of car insurance are (but not limited to) age, gender, location, make, and model of the car. The driving record of the car owner also impacts the cost of insurance. Accidents and alcohol-related offenses usually increase the cost of insuring one’s car.

The post-DUI rates in Stockton are lower than a few other nearby cities. Male teenagers in Stockton pay $6,612 post-DUI, while female teenagers pay $30 less. 34% of Stockton’s population own a single car, while 35% own. The cost of insuring multiple vehicles in Stockton is lower than the same in Country Club ($4,522) and Garden Acres ($4,598). Net savings on paying a higher deductible also varies according to location. Insuring a Ford Expedition Ranch with a higher deductible can help in saving up to $120. But, insuring a Hyundai Equus with a higher deductible leads to a loss of $880.

At $3,555, teenagers pay the most on car insurance annually, whereas married women pay the least. Car insurance is the cheapest for married women because they are considered to be safer drivers across the country. It is clear from Gavop’s analysis that the cost of insurance is dependent on numerous factors.


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