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By: Kevin Pryor June. 20, 2018

Gavop used data from the United States Census Bureau to analyze the proportion of income that homeowners in Pennsylvania spend on housing costs, especially those with a mortgage. Overall, Gavop found that Pennsylvania homeowners spend 29.9 percent of their income on housing costs, which is just one percent lower than national values.

Housing costs refer to the how much individuals spend collectively on mortgage payments, real estate taxes, home insurance, and utilities. The data showed that the annual housing costs in Pennsylvania is $16,992 for a median income of $56,907 and a median home value of $174,100.

The table below compares housing costs at the state and national levels.

Location% of Income Spent on Housing by Homeowners with a MortgageAnnual Housing Costs for Homeowners with a MortgageMedian IncomeMedian Home Value
United States30.9%$17,832$57,617$205,000

Within Pennsylvania, the counties varied in how much mortgage-holding residents spent on housing costs. It is no surprise that Philadelphia residents spend the maximum proportion of their incomes on housing at 35.8 percent. Lackawanna County is next at 32.3 percent, then Indiana County at 31.8 percent, Monroe County at 31.7 percent, and Leigh County at 31.0 percent.

Counties with Highest Housing Costs as a Percentage of Income

RankCounty% of Income Spent on Housing by Homeowners with a MortgageAnnual Housing Costs for Homeowners with a MortgageMedian IncomeMedian Home ValueNumber of Housing Units

Conversely, homeowners of Clearfield County spend the lowest percentage of their income on housing costs at 24.6 percent. Beaver and Mercer County are tied at 25.6 percent followed by Westmorel County at 25.7 percent, and Cambria County at 26.0 percent.

Counties with the Lowest Housing Costs as a Percentage of Income

RankCounty% of Income Spent on Housing Costs by Homeowners with a MortgageAnnual Housing Costs for Homeowners with a MortgageMedian IncomeMedian Home ValueNumber of Housing Units

The table below shows all the counties in Pennsylvania, arranged in order of income spent on housing costs (highest to lowest).

Location NameMedian Homeowners Costs as a 'It of Income for People with a MortgageMedian Homeowner Costs with a Mortgage (Annual)Median IncomeMedian Home ValueTotal Homes
Philadelphia County. Pennsylvania35.8%$14,832$41,449$154,000674,504
Lackawanna County. Pennsylvania32.3%$15,312$47,475$152,00098,711
Indiana County. Pennsylvania31.8%$13,668$42,962$116,40038,455
Monroe County. Pennsylvania31.7%$19,044$60,095$164,20080,759
Lehigh County. Pennsylvania31.0%$18,780$60,498$198,800144,222
Delaware County. Pennsylvania30.8%$20,928$67,950$239,500221,753
Luzerne County. Pennsylvania30.6%$14,244$46,580$123,400147,888
Bucks County. Pennsylvania30.3%$24,192$79,936$322,400247,846
Berks County. Pennsylvania29.3%$17,364$59,286$174,800164,961
Northampton County. Pennsylvania29.2%$19,428$66,438$218,000121,647
Adams County. Pennsylvania29.1%$17,268$59,300$206,90041,612
Lyc oming County. Pennsylvania28.6%$14,052$49,052$152,80052,690
Centre County. Pennsylvania28.6%$17,256$60,266$224,40065,766
Lawrence County. Pennsylvania28.5%$13,392$46,918$107,20040,618
Lancaster County. Pennsylvania28.3%$17,352$61,335$196,400207,807
Chester County. Pennsylvania28.3%$26,124$92,407$347,700197,721
Blair County. Pennsylvania28.2%$12,264$43,443$114,70055,972
Columbia County. Pennsylvania28.0%$13,788$49,186$145,30029,688
Cumberland County. Pennsylvania27.9%$17,712$63,530$200,200104,201
Montgomery County. Pennsylvania27.9%$23,436$84,113$307,500329,329
Carbon County. Pennsylvania27.8%$14,352$51,676$139,00034,360
Northumberland County. Pennsylvania27.8%$13,248$47,736$118,70044,791
Erie County. Pennsylvania27.7%$13,584$48,964$125,700120,077
Allegheny County. Pennsylvania27.7%$15,552$56,140$147,100592,265
York County. Pennsylvania27.7%$17,280$62,462$172,000181,463
Somerset County. Pennsylvania27.4%$12,036$43,871$104,20037,897
Washington County. Pennsylvania27.2%$15,756$57,998$167,10094,536
Dauphin County. Pennsylvania27.0%$16,272$60,331$167,500122,656
Crawford County. Pennsylvania26.9%$12,216$45,410$114,50044,244
Fayette County. Pennsylvania26.8%$11,556$43,140$101,70062,771
Lebanon County. Pennsylvania26.7%$15,300$57,248$168,50056,637
Butler County. Pennsylvania26.7%$17,712$66,426$195,90081,566
Armstrong County. Pennsylvania26.7%$12,636$47,398$94,50032,300
Schuylkill County. Pennsylvania26.4%$13,368$50,684$97,60068,822
Franklin County. Pennsylvania26.2%$15,840$60,559$174,70064,405
Cambria County. Pennsylvania26.0%$11,472$44,100$93,40064,979
Westmoreland County. Pennsylvania25.7%$14,580$56,722$149,700168,230
Mercer County. Pennsylvania25.6%$12,792$49,890$116,20051,533
Beaver County. Pennsylvania25.6%$14,136$55,221$137,60078,256
Clearfield County. Pennsylvania24.6%$11,640$47,352$94,10038,647


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