What Makes Your Annapolis, MD Home Insurance Cheap or Expensive

Annapolis, MD homeowners insurance rate is about $1221 per annum. Gavop has done in-depth research to analyze the insurance rates for homes based on factors such as location, value and age of home, deductible rates, home coverage, replacement values etc. Enter your Zip Code below and click 'GO' to get multiple free quotes.

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Cost of Annapolis, MD Homeowners Insurance in Different Neighborhoods | Back to Top

Nearby places/ Census Blocks & Streets Homeowners Insurance Cost ($)
Tayman Dr, Lake View Dr, Spruce Ln, Duvall Ln, Maybaugh Ln, W F King Rd, Falcon Dr, Amberstone Ct, W Bay View Dr, W F Kings Dr $997
River Dr, Decatur Ave, Hollywood Ave, York Ln, Chestnut Ave, W Lake Dr, Crummell Ave, Mainsail Dr, Old Bay Ridge Rd, Myrtle Ave $1,658
Cherry Grove Ave, Rosewood St, Brooke Ave, Constitution Ave, McGuckian St, Heritage Ct, Stehle St, Johnson Pl, Lee St, Dominoe Rd $881
Towne Pine Ct, Richards Ln, Randall St, Hanover St, Randall Ct, Dock St, Morris St, State Hwy 70, S Acton Pl, Carroll St $1,380
Caleb Ln, Deepwater Ct, Willow Hill Rd, Pearson Point Pl, Poplar Point Rd, Beards Dock Xing, Coybay Dr, Deepwater Trl, Atwater Dr, Bywater Rd $801

Cost of Annapolis, MD Homeowners Insurance based on Home value and Age of Home | Back to Top

Place / Nearby places Home Value ($) Age of Home Premium ($)
Tilghman Island, MD $334200 Above 50 year old $1,161
Morningside, MD $177400 30 year old $783
Spencerville, MD $494000 30 year old $1,816
Friendship Heights Village, MD $465800 New Home $1,271
Aspen Hill, MD $404300 Above 50 year old $1,270
Bethesda, MD $877300 50 year old $1,033
Glen Echo, MD $878200 40 year old $2,667
Bryans Road, MD $260400 50 year old $808
Springfield, VA $457100 New Home $1,109

Annapolis, MD Homeowners Insurance Goes up for Homes with Swimming Pools| Back to Top

Coverage Average Premium ($) Increased Premium Due to Swimming Pool ($)
$400,000 to $499,999 $1,524 $1,615
$300,000 to $399,999 $1,217 $1,290
$1500,000 to $2000,000 $2,666 $2,826
$750,000 to $999,999 $2,255 $2,390
$500,000 to $749,999 $1,950 $2,067

Cost of Home insurance with Deductible Scenarios in Annapolis, MD | Back to Top

Insured Amount ($) Low Deductible ($500) High Deductible ($2500)
Tilghman Island, MD $1,095 $796
Morningside, MD $762 $554
Spencerville, MD $1,768 $1,285
Friendship Heights Village, MD $1,610 $1,170
Aspen Hill, MD $1,197 $870
Bethesda, MD $983 $714
Glen Echo, MD $2,568 $1,866
Bryans Road, MD $769 $559
Springfield, VA $1,405 $1,021

Annapolis, MD Homeowners Insurance based on Home Coverage| Back to Top

Coverage Value Average Annapolis, MD Homeowners Insurance ($)
$750,000 to $999,999 $2,255
$300,000 to $399,999 $1,217
$1000,000 to $1499,999 $2,484
$500,000 to $749,999 $1,950
$400,000 to $499,999 $1,524

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