What Makes Your Lauderdale, FL Home Insurance Cheap or Expensive

Lauderdale, FL homeowners insurance rate is about $1169 per annum. Gavop has done in-depth research to analyze the insurance rates for homes based on factors such as location, value and age of home, deductible rates, home coverage, replacement values etc. Enter your Zip Code below and click 'GO' to get multiple free quotes.

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Cost of Lauderdale, FL Homeowners Insurance in Different Neighborhoods | Back to Top

Nearby places/ Census Blocks & Streets Homeowners Insurance Cost ($)
SW 8th Pl, Laurel Way, Stardust, Silverado, N Santa Catalina Cir, Santa Catalina Ln, Scioto Rd, E Palm Run Dr, Braeburn, Highlands Ct $1,737
Aztec Blvd, S Cortez Drive Circle U, SW 49th Ter, N Cortez Drive Cir B, Cortez Circle V, N Cortez Drive Circle F, S Cortez Drive Cir W, N Cortez Drive Circle H, Aztec Cir A, S Cortez Dr $1,468
NW 65th Pl, NW 68th Ct, NW 24th Ter, NW 6th Way, W Cypress Creek Rd, Gardens Dr, NW 22nd Ter, NW 5th Way, NW 65th Ct, NW 29th Ln $1,356
Martin Rd, SW 78th Ter, SW 79th Ave, W Parkway Dr, Clancey Cir, SW 77th Ave, SW 76th Ter, Kathy Ln, Forest Cir, N Parkway Dr $1,203
NW 30 Ln, E Perimeter Rd, NW 30Ln, NW 26th Rd, Striker Blvd, Executive Airport Way, W Cypress Creek Rd, 26th Ter, NW 22nd Ave, W Commericial Blvd $1,196

Cost of Lauderdale, FL Homeowners Insurance based on Home value and Age of Home | Back to Top

Place / Nearby places Home Value ($) Age of Home Premium ($)
Broward County, FL $223400 New Home $1,024
Aventura, FL $325400 40 year old $1,513
Golden Glades, FL $166700 40 year old $1,089
locka, FL $106400 50 year old $827
Miami Beach, FL $407600 30 year old $1,510
Manalapan, FL $2000001 50 year old $1,627
Miami, FL $480700 Above 50 year old $1,361
Mangonia Park, FL $113700 40 year old $1,199
South Bay, FL $83500 Above 50 year old $1,010
Naranja, FL $146600 50 year old $1,027

Lauderdale, FL Homeowners Insurance Goes up for Homes with Swimming Pools| Back to Top

Coverage Average Premium ($) Increased Premium Due to Swimming Pool ($)
$300,000 to $399,999 $3,608 $3,825
$500,000 to $749,999 $5,697 $6,039
$750,000 to $999,999 $6,587 $6,982
$200,000 to $249,999 $1,815 $1,924
$1000,000 to $1499,999 $7,255 $7,690

Cost of Home insurance with Deductible Scenarios in Lauderdale, FL | Back to Top

Insured Amount ($) Low Deductible ($500) High Deductible ($2500)
Broward County, FL $1,265 $919
Aventura, FL $1,457 $1,059
Golden Glades, FL $1,049 $762
locka, FL $787 $572
Miami Beach, FL $1,470 $1,068
Manalapan, FL $1,549 $1,126
Miami, FL $1,283 $932
Mangonia Park, FL $1,155 $839
South Bay, FL $952 $692
Naranja, FL $977 $710

Lauderdale, FL Homeowners Insurance based on Home Coverage| Back to Top

Coverage Value Average Lauderdale, FL Homeowners Insurance ($)
$1000,000 to $1499,999 $7,255
$250,000 to $299,999 $2,901
$175,000 to $199,999 $1,660
$500,000 to $749,999 $5,697
$400,000 to $499,999 $4,451

How can I Make My Lauderdale, FL Home Insurance Cheaper

7 Ways to Get Discounts on Homeowners Insurance in Lauderdale, FL