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Fire Resistive Construction Home Insurance Discount in Radcliff, KY | Back to Top

Construction Type Discount ($) Premium After Discount ($)
Frame No Discount 866
Brick Veneer -43 823
Masonry -43 823
Superior -78 788

Radcliff, KY Home Insurance Discounts Based on Number of Claims Filed | Back to Top

Type Discount/Extra Cost in ($) Premium After Claim Payout ($)
Claims Free -104 762
One Claim +69 935
Two Claims +121 987

Radcliff, KY Home Insurance Discounts for Seniors | Back to Top

Average Insurance Premium ($) Senior Discount ($) Premiums After Discount ($)
866 -113 753

Top Discounts for Homeowners Insurance in Radcliff, KY | Back to Top

Discount Element Discount($) Premiums After Discount ($)
New Home -225 641
Home nearby Fire Station -26 840
Home nearby Police Station -9 857
[['Stone Coated Steel', 606.2, 259.79999999999995], ['Metal', 692.8, 173.20000000000005], ['Slate or Tile', 736.1, 129.89999999999998], ['Asphalt shingles', 779.4, 86.60000000000002], ['Wood', 'No Discounts', 866.0]]

Radcliff, KY Home Insurance Roof Upgrading Discounts | Back to Top

Type of Roof Discounts in % Premiums After Discount ($)
Stone Coated Steel -260 606
Metal -173 693
Slate or Tile -130 736
Asphalt shingles -87 779
Wood No Discounts 866

Radcliff, KY Homeowners Insurance Discounts for Homes with Security Systems | Back to Top

Home Security Systems Example of Security Systems Home Security Systems Discounts ($) Premium After Discount ($)
Deadbolts Digital Deadbolt
Rim Deadbolt
Vertical Deadbolt
Mortise Deadbolt
Keyless Deadbolt
-95 771
Fire extinguishers Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers
Water Mist Fire Extinguishers
Abc Powder Fire Extinguishers
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers
Water Fire Extinguishers
-69 797
Smoke detectors Smoke Alarm
Carbon Monoxide And Gas Alarm
Carbon Monoxide And Smoke Alarm
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
-113 753
Sprinkler system Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems
Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems
Foam Fire Sprinkler Systems
Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems
Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems
-113 753
Fire alarm Conventional, Or Four-Wire, Fire Alarm
Two-Wire Fire Alarm Systems
Analogue-Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
-69 797
Burglar alarm system Smart Alarm Sensors
Indoor Camera
Outdoor Camera
Smart Locks
Skycontrol Panel
-78 788
Lightning protection system Meshed Conductors Lightning Protection System
Catenary Wire Lightning Conductor
Early Streamer Emission Lightning Conductor
Protection Using Natural Components
Air-Termination Lightning Protection System
-26 840

Radcliff, KY Home Insurance Discounts for homes with Hail Resistant Roofs | Back to Top

Average Insurance Premium ($) Hail Resistant Roof Discounts ($) Premium After Discount ($)
866 -17 849

Radcliff, KY Homeowner Insurance Discounts for Bundling | Back to Top

Bundling Type Discount ($) Premium After Discount ($)
Home + One Car -78 788
Home + Two Car -139 727
Home + Three Car -216 649

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