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Gavop shows you how to buy homeowners insurance in Nacogdoches, TX by estimating coverage, choosing the right deductible, contacting the best agents, understanding claim requirements, comparing cheap rates, using discount options and reading reviews.

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Select the Suitable Coverage Value for your Nacogdoches, TX Home | Back to Top

Bedrooms Average Home Value Estimated Replacement Value Recommended Home Insurance Coverage
1 Bedroom $34,500 $30,000 $25,000-$50,000
2 Bedroom $117,000 $100,000 $125,000-$150,000
3 Bedroom $126,500 $110,000 $100,000-$125,000
4 Bedroom $164,500 $140,000 $150,000-$175,000
5 Bedroom $151,500 $130,000 $125,000-$150,000

Estimate your Savings with Home Insurance Discounts in Nacogdoches, TX | Back to Top

Type Discount ($) Premium After Discount ($)
Multipolicy Discount -$279 $1,191
Superior Protection Discount -$132 $1,338
Fire & Security Discount -$162 $1,309
Hail Resistant Roof Discount -$29 $1,441
Newly Constructed Home Discount -$324 $1,147

Choose your Nacogdoches, TX Home Insurance Coverage for your Specific Claim Requirement | Back to Top

Claim Type Average Claim Cost
General Claims
Water Damage $6,337
Physical Damage $2,392
Hail Damage $4,618
Wind Damage $6,242
Expensive Claims
Fire $45,570
Smoke $17,556

Identify Top Home Insurance Agents near Nacogdoches, TX | Back to Top

Home Insurance Company Nacogdoches, TX Homeowners Insurance Agency Nacogdoches, TX Address Popularity Score Distance from Nacogdoches (miles)
State Farm Scott Bird 4909 North St Ste 209, Nacogdoches, TX, 75965-1808
Farmers Selena Mitchell 1411 Turtle Creek Dr Ste B, Lufkin, TX, 75904
State Farm Jamie Rodrigues 104 W College St, Nacogdoches, TX, 75965-3907
State Farm Sandy Wheeler 621 Tenaha St, Center, TX, 75935-3445
Farmers Vance Royon 506 E Commerce St, Jacksonville, TX, 75766
Travelers Gibbs Insurance Agency 511 S First St, Lufkin, TX, 75901
State Farm Jeremy Harmel 1910 S Jackson, Jacksonville, TX, 75766-5852
Travelers Clark Insurance Agency 1507 E Denman Ave, Lufkin, TX, 75901
Farmers Maria Veliz 2416 South St, Nacogdoches, TX, 75964
Farmers Kerry Vaught 2710 North St, Nacogdoches, TX, 75965

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Place Typical Home Value Typical Home Insurance Costs 25th Percentile 75th Percentile Potential Savings & Difference between 25th & 75th Percentile
Texas $151,500 $1,709 $1,130 $2,630 $1,500
Nacogdoches County, TX $117,700 $1,435 $950 $2,210 $1,260
Nacogdoches, TX $128,500 $1,471 $970 $2,260 $1,290
Cushing-Douglass, TX $81,600 $1,429 $940 $2,200 $1,260
Redland, TX $108,700 $1,557 $1,030 $2,400 $1,370
Hudson, TX $125,400 $1,623 $1,070 $2,500 $1,430
Huntington, TX $88,900 $1,042 $690 $1,610 $920
Burke, TX $102,400 $1,530 $1,010 $2,360 $1,350
Pinehill, TX $123,600 $1,616 $1,070 $2,490 $1,420
Carthage, TX $112,200 $984 $650 $1,520 $870
Joaquin, TX $68,500 $1,356 $890 $2,090 $1,200
Trinity County, TX $75,300 $992 $650 $1,530 $880
Chester, TX $69,400 $1,361 $900 $2,100 $1,200

Research Home Insurance Companies Reviews in Nacogdoches, TX Before Buying | Back to Top

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Allstate Home Insurance Reviews

Date: October 17, 2019    Age: 30 to 39    Gender: Male    Marital Status: Married

I feel like our deductibles are better than a lot of companies. I can not remember exactly what they are of the top of my head but I do know that if the worst were to happen the deductible would not cripple us financially like some.

Date: July 08, 2019    Age: 50 to 59    Gender: Married    Marital Status: Female

Customer Service
I havent had to file a claim with them, but from the initial calls while setting up the account they were incredibly helpful.

Date: January 16, 2019    Age: 30 to 39    Gender: Female    Marital Status: Married

Customer Service
I switched to Allstate because they offered a package that was about half as expensive as the previous insurance I had. They seem to cover about the same things, and I've really enjoyed their service.

Date: November 02, 2018    Age: 20 to 29    Gender: Male    Marital Status: Unmarried

They're pretty clear and concise when you actually get to speak to one of them. The local agents are also very nice and make you feel like you're a part of their extended family.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews

Date: April 01, 2019    Age: 30 to 39    Gender: Female    Marital Status: Married

Customer Service
Always there when I need them - return my calls when requested, short wait time.

Date: December 24, 2018    Age: 20 to 29    Gender: Male    Marital Status: Married

They are relatively cheap monthly payments and have a low deductible and high payout rate. I only shopped at a few areas but these were the best ratio I could find.

Esurance Home Insurance Reviews

Date: November 21, 2018    Age: 30 to 39    Gender: Male    Marital Status: Married

I'm paying $10 monthly premium for home insurance and my deductible is currently $150. I feel that is fair to cover all my belongings in the event of burglary or damage from water or fire. Other companies would be comparable, but only if I was bundling policies with auto.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews

Date: November 10, 2018    Age: Above 60    Gender: Male    Marital Status: Unmarried

What I like about my company's website is that the site moves really quick and I can find answers to most of my questions on the website itself.

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews

Date: February 20, 2019    Age: 40 to 49    Gender: Male    Marital Status: Married

Policy Offerings
Liberty Mutual offers standard homeowners coverage, such as for the dwelling, contents, loss of use, liability, and medical payments.

GEICO Home Insurance Reviews

Date: January 01, 2019    Age: 40 to 49    Gender: Female    Marital Status: Unmarried

Two thousand dollar deductible for 150,000 dollars in coverage is high so I called them to get the monthly premium reduced. The lowest monthly premium they offered and it's still too high for me to afford so I'm going to change companies.

Farmer's Insurance Home Insurance Reviews

Date: June 12, 2019    Age: 30 to 39    Gender: Unmarried    Marital Status: Female

I found the premium to be unreasonably high, the deductible did not cover the price of the property

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